Monday, February 21, 2005

Some Things to Think About

What a non-productive weekend:-( I had grandiose visions of finishing Wavy. Ha! I hear you say. Don't be smart! What did I do? Friday night DH and son left for a fun weekend of winter camping courtesy of the Boy Scouts of America. I got to try a new Mexican Restaurant with the girls, my sister-in-law, and oldest daughter's boyfriend. I am happy to say it was "real" Latino food. Yum!

Saturday was tons of fun. I am lucky enough to live in an area that has 6, count 'em 6, yarn shops within a 20 minute car trip. My best friend and I finally made it to one that caters to the weavers and weavers that knit. What, you say? This shop is owned and operated by one of the most talented and well known weavers in the area. She also happens to be my mail carrier. Small world! We bought supplies for my friend's loom (which I will get to later). Because it caters to weavers, it sells fiber by the pound off these huge cones. Can you say chenille afghans for around $25 - $30? Do you realize that felting for the fun of it is now an affordable option? Dang! And that is where I purchased the great Folk Vest book. Saturday ended with a trip to the mall for the younger daughter and out to dinner again to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant with my sister-in-law in tow again. I told you my husband was out of town.

Sunday was a lazy Wavy day. It is now actually twice the size you see above you. I worked on it while watching Forgotten. Weird.

Monday was Loom Raising Day. My friend received a beautiful loom from her husband as a birthday gift last year. Today it came out of the box and hit the floor. Do you know how many screws a 4 x 4 loom has? Do you know how hard, hardwood can be? Do you know that pilot holes are often too small? But it is up :-) Dear Emily: Hint, hint I love table runners!

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