Monday, May 02, 2005

And Another Week Begins!

I am not sure this is the appropriate place for this topic, but unfortunately, this is an issue I am forced to contemplate each year. Normally, breaking records is a good thing. But not this time. So ladies (and gentlemen?) an all time high has been reached this school year. We now have four, count 'em four, pregnant teenage girls in my building.

Why? Why do they have sex at the age of 13 or 14? Why do they have unprotected sex? Why do they have so much unsupervised time on their hands? Why do their parents not ask who they are with and what are they doing and where they are going? It makes me sad. Very sad.

And in 13 years, one of those 'babies' will walk in to door to announce that their mother was in my class. In the meantime - I think I will have another conversation with my daughters.

Knitting wise...the work on the panels continue. I hope to finish the fourth one tonight. I really want to take it to the Knitting Guild 'Show and Tell' next month.

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