Sunday, May 08, 2005

What Was I Thinking?

The Good

The Bad

And The Ugly

Thursday night was the knitting guild's annual yarn auction. I really get very excited about it. The question is why? Certainly there are deals to be had. And this year there was more yarn than ever. I think every member over the age of 67 decided this was the year to clean out the stash that they had been willed by their knitting grannies and aunties.

Over 130 bags of goodies were lined up on the tables. But this year with a twist: No one was allowed to open the bags and fondle the goods. Now is this fair? I think not. Heavens, we do not know where some of this stuff has been. What if it came from the house of a smoker? Or had been used by the family kitty for more than a bed? Yeah, I know, I exaggerate. But you know what I mean.

I am now the not so proud owner of some rather questionable yarns. I grabbed the lopi only because it came with a really great scarf pattern. That alone would have been around $5; for an additional $5 I have two skeins of Lopi. Not so bad. For $24 I was able to buy over 1400 yards of Jeannie by Phentex: 100% cotton in a nice denim color. And the final item in the "good" lot was a rather hefty bag of top. Do I know what I have? Absolutely not! Someone said, "Hey that's way better than roving! Good for you!" Could someone tell me what I bought?

Now we move on to the "bad". Do not, I repeat, do NOT knit during the auction. Even if you think you can knit, and bid at the same time, trust me - YOU CANNOT! I pick up my paddle thinking that the huge bag of Lamb's Pride is the next item. But suddenly the local Vanna White is moving with it. I panic. I thought they were on the ugly grab bag of mismatched red wool. I bid. I win! An ugly grab bag of mismatched mostly red wool. Crap! Oh double crap! I am still in shock when the bag of Lamb's Pride went for less than $40.

I shall save face by walking into next month's guild meeting with a great felted back pack that subtle shading from top to bottom with a soft blue contrast on the bottom and flap edging. Who needs nice yarn anyway?

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