Sunday, May 01, 2005

Me Talk Pretty!

The Green Eyed Knitter and her SIL did a bit of spring cleaning last night and it shows! Now my banner even sports a little bit of my favorite vest. YES!

The weather held out. I finished my 5 mile walk for MS a good hour before the rain fell. It made me feel good to do something constructive for others, now I just need to peddle for the cold hard cash donations! Yeah, I know I did it backwards, but we had a late start on this. All in all a great success. My daughter, E, and my SIL joined me. Thank goodness, because the lovely little kids from National Junior Honor Society that came along did not want to walk with their teacher. I give them credit! Over half of the group just finished their middle school musical last night - along with a very late night cast party. Oh to be young again ;-) Oh seriously, who could pay any of us to go back to those years?

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