Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's A Race to Finish

The summer is drawing to a close all too soon. I know my southern neighbors have been sniffing the chalk dust for about three weeks already, but we Western New Yorkers are sinking our teeth into the last few days that remain. I am now frantically trying to finish all the things from my July "to-do" list! The kids power washed and re-stained the deck, I just bought the paint for the yuckky plastic chairs and finally bought a hanging plant (half price and size of my front porch!). But you know it's over when field hockey practice starts and the "lesson" people are starting to ask for their checks.

So on to better things...

Aren't these great? These are two gifts from my very thoughtful neighbors. What is better than some Rowan directly from England! Ian dropped a hint that his wife really would not mind the orange. I just wish I could capture the colors!

And I think the Rainbow bag will come in handy for all those little shopping trips.

Next, lest you think I have been lazy... The glove is knit side to side in Noro. Only problem - my fingers are a bit shorter than those of the glove. But they are soft and snug and will make a great Christmas gift for some lucky person.

I have also finished two felted bags. One is a backback of IK in two shades of red; the other is a royal blue Booga Bag. They are currently on their second day of drying...Pictures to follow on those soon.

On the book front, I just finished reading In the Forest. I bought it many years ago after listening to a review on NPR. If you are looking for a study of everything that can go wrong in the juvenile justice system, this is your book. O'Brien based her book on an actual triple homocide: a mother, her small child, and a local priest. Next read will be Atonement by Ian McEwan.

And finally, for those of you wondering where your blog is headed - check this out! Just click here for a good belly laugh!

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