Sunday, October 02, 2005

Why Are Weekends Only Two Days?

Yesterday Knox State Farm hosted its first fiber festival. I think for a first year, a decent showing. Knowing that I had over 10 pounds of fleece in my garage and two under bed storage containers plus full of yarn upstairs, really took the edge off of any buying desire. But I did buy a wonderful glass bracelet from a really talented artist! Another plus was the tons of good advice I was able to pick up while manning the Knitting Guild "Learn to Knit" area. There were several spinners set up - including this awesome woman who spent the day spinning dog fur!

September kicked the snot out of me. I am feeling totally overwhelmed with the back to school routine. Today I washed about 1/3 of the fleece and started combing with some dog slicker brushes. I now have some lovely, soft rolags piled in my basket. However, I also have a HUGE pile of not combed fleece on the picnic table. I think it is safe to leave it there for a day or two...the temps are still unseasonably warm. October and 77 degrees usually does not happen around here!

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