Sunday, October 23, 2005

Is Tomorrow Really Monday? Again?

Last night I was sitting in my car watching my oldest through the front windows of the store where she works. It was closing time and she was scurrying back and forth: wiping, sweeping, vacuuming. And suddenly I had a vision of her as a toddler. Holding on to one of her Fisher-Price toys, doing that little walk that only 11 month olds do. Back and forth across the room, over and over again. That proud smile, that laugh. Hard to believe that was 16 years ago. But she still has that smile and a great laugh. What a wonderful young woman she is!

And so to those two people who decided they needed to be rude to my little sweetie who is trying very hard at her first job... that grouchy old man who has had his entire life to learn patience: no...she is not "retarded or something" because she could not make your sandwich fast enough on her first day of work... the lovely woman whose husband decided that he needed to rattle off the sandwich ingredients as A was making did not "want him to come back there and make it for her."

And while I am at it... the woman at the Transit Wegman's. Would it have killed you wait for me to get my cart completely out of the row before you walked in front of me and started pulling yours out?

I am honestly at the end of my tether with rude people. And I would tell them so, only that would be rude.

Knitting wise I attended the Guild's Shadow Knitting class. Cool, but something that I definitely could have taught myself. I may break down and buy the Vivian Hoxbro book. Stitch N Bitch also has a really cool alien scarf pattern.

Later this week: Christmas in September.

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