Thursday, October 27, 2005

Random Ideas

I am stealing Liz's random idea, that she swiped from Holly , who grabbed it from... oh you get the idea. So here are 20 Random Things About Me:
  1. My favorite thing in the world is ice cream.
  2. I currently spend over one hour a day driving three kids to various activities.
  3. I have successfully dieted twice, kept it off for many years, and then gained it all back.
  4. I hate exercise. Maybe that was why I was in the "remedial" PE class in elementary school.
  5. I have been knitting so long I do not remember learning.
  6. I really do not like spending too much time away from home.
  7. I have three children; two of whom are twins.
  8. I wish I could play an instrument.
  9. During the course of my lifetime I have wanted to be a nun, a psychiatric social worker, an actress, a singer; I ended up being a teacher. Except for the nun part...most days I get to be a little of all of the above.
  10. I am good at my job, but often think about changing careers.
  11. In theory I love the idea of having huge blocks of uninterrupted time; in practice I cannot stand it.
  12. I cannot pick one favorite book, but if pressed: To Kill A Mockingbird.
  13. I dream of living in loft in any city.
  14. I dream of living on a farm.
  15. I filled out the application for the PBS Frontier House series, but I never mailed it.
  16. I do not attend a formal church, but think about my relationship with God daily.
  17. Chewing gum gives me a headache.
  18. I "write" the first paragraph of "my novel" in my head at night when I cannot sleep.
  19. I hate Christmas.
  20. I love the day after Christmas.

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