Thursday, January 19, 2006


Do you see this? Nice isn't it? Check the date: January 19! The sun is shining and it is 43 degrees out there. If this keeps up, the golf course behind our house may actually boast about being open year round. Here is the country girl fear: if this warm weather holds much longer, will the fruit trees start to bud?

I have not touched my knitting since Christmas. I think I burned out in the marathon knitting of my brother's afghan. Hey dear SIL, could you send me a photo of dear bro wrapped up in the green cocoon? Pity I never snapped a pix before letting him take it home. I plan on finishing the alpaca cream and brown scarf I started while in San Diego. Now that was in...September?!...oy! But I have been disciplined; no new yarn has wormed its way in my house. And I truly believe that is why I am feeling so unmotivated.

Do you think a pair of socks would help?

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