Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Socks

The socks are finished! Well, more on that in one second.
  • Noro, silk garden
  • Color 50
  • Size 5 needle
  • Sock Model, son K
  • Sock Photographer, Mom

Of course they don't match. And check out the color differences between the skeins; I mean completely different colors. (That is one of the reasons I really do not love Noro). Actually, the pair at the LYS did not either. One of the girls actually made 18 pairs for Christmas gifts this year and only had one pair that matched. So why the heck should I try? And, please do not faint; these are headed for the washing machine * GASP * No dryer. They will shrink about 1/2" inch in length and get very soft, and the color should mute a bit.

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