Sunday, February 14, 2010

Order Reigns Again

It took a while, but order has been restored to our little home. The rooms are freshly painted, but more importantly, the detritus of our lives has been put back in its place.

That left me with some time to visit my oldest niece in Rochester. After our lunch, my brother wanted to hit his favorite comic book store. Crab, crab...where's my yarn store? No fear, I found something just as good: the best used bookstore I have ever seen!

Mr. Westerberg is the nicest man you will ever meet and his store, The Yankee Peddler Bookshop, is a treasure. To the left you will see the under $30 purchase that made my day! I have an irrational attachment to these two authors stemming from a childhood box of books gifted to me by my aunt. The Myrtle Reed cover, Mr. Westerberg told me, was from one of the more 'famous' cover designers of that era. It differs from the other two selections I have of hers. The inside pages are also unique with a sweet little border on each.

Gene Stratton-Porter is the more famous of the two. She wrote many novels based on the forests of the North West. I was thrilled to get this book as so many of her works are so very dear. And as I am not a 'collector' it seems silly for me to spend a week's worth of groceries on one edition.

So the remainder of the day shall be spent on the now clutter free living room with a good cup of tea, my book on cd, and my Olympic UFO project. I'd better get crackin' as I am already two days behind the rest of the knitting Olympians.
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knitica said...

Hey, that's my favorite comic book store too! And it's across from my favorite sushi bar. Jealous!

Anonymous said...

And a well stocked adult 'toy' store to boot!