Saturday, February 06, 2010

Medal Envy

Unless you live in some sort of knitting bubble, you know what this means. And now that the events in Vancouver are just days away, the Olympian spirit is everywhere! Even my little local yarn shop, Raveloe Fibers, is joining the fray. Ravelry seemed to have the market cornered on the teams and I thought the Harlot was going to step aside this time. How dare I ever think that the famous Stephanie would not rise to the challenge! And boy, did she! Well, that did it for me. If Step can knit an Olympic Sweater in 12 days, I know I can finish something.
And 2010 seemed a good year to join in the fun as I have my winter break during the games; what could be better? Problem: what to do? The Garter Yoke Cardigan with a hand painted yoke? Or the Tea Leaves Cardigan that I just love?
And then the guilt hit me. Well, not hit me - more like tripped me. Literally. I mentioned "the chaos" in my last post. Now that my BIL is finished, I get to start the clean up. And the multiple bags of UFO's in the den just about killed me as I tried to pick my way through the piles in the den, and living room, and family room and...
So what would you do? Spend your winter break and then some getting one new lovely cardi or finish one summer tank, one multi-yarn white 3/4 sleeve spring cardi, one slipped stitch snuggly brown cardi, and Terry's Pullover?'s time to clean house in more ways than one.

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