Saturday, February 20, 2010

When the Stars Align

, or I should really play the lottery today.

Seriously, have you ever had a day when everything went a tad better than planned? Tonight I am hosting a couples' baby "thing". We are not calling it a shower out of respect to the testosterone inclined in the room. Anyhoo, I needed a cake and really was not keen on ordering a fancy one. I hit the best bakery, Muscoreil's on Niagara Falls Boulevard (you'll see why I am plugging in a sec) and went to the display case. I ask for one of the lovely giant's in the case - one large enough for 16 or so. No problem, but if I cared to spend only $7.00 more I could have the HUGE one to the left with baby proper bit and bobs to serve 40 because the person cancelled their order that morning. No contest. And yes, it does freeze well.

Hit the liquor store, found all the groceries, cleaned and dusted the last minute things and am at the computer by 5:00.

I actually have time to book my vacation - under duress - I am afraid of the cruise my family has convinced me to reserve. Lord, please do not let me spend four days with my face in the head.

Tomorrow is spinning guild! Great program lined up; I just can't wait. We are sure to be standing room only. Hard to believe we are only two months in and our membership is almost 45 strong.

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