Friday, August 13, 2010

The Crazies

Another Top 10:

  1. One of our hometown finest treating his newly adopted cat to a special bath in the trunk of his car.
  2. The 17 year old new driver thinking I should know where she is when she is lost.
  3. The other 17 year old thinking we should not ask how his first date went.
  4. Lindsay Lohan.
  5. New York State allowing people who already have a phone to use their 'free' cell phone service.
  6. The 'Real Housewives' series.
  7. End of life Medicare spending.
  8. Thinking that this tuition is realistic for this program.
  9. Me, after a full month of vacation.
  10. Planning a mother-daughter road trip.

*Not to be implied that all items are equal in value or scope.

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