Wednesday, August 11, 2010

That Old Cape Magic

No, I am not going. But it sure sounds like a good idea:) Richard Russo is quite good at capturing the angst of the middle aged man. And cheese whiz, you men sure are a bunch of babies. So many of the men he writes about would be so much happier if they simply dealt with their emotions and thoughts up front, but what the hell do I know...
Last night's book club offered a wide range of opinions; we were a fairly split group. About half found the book horrid. They had a hard time finishing the book and hated the ending. The rest of us found it a realistic portrayal of the crazy mess a family can be. And really some of the scenes were downright comical - Ben Stiller would kill for that rehearsal dinner incident.
So if you like messy families and revisionist history, grab it for an easy beach read.

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