Monday, August 02, 2010

Oh Stop Whining!

It's done. And you know you are in trouble when you cannot find a decent review. It's like this: Kate Morton loves old books and brilliant authors and she has a serious problem in the amount of influence she allows them to have in her writing. Too much like The Secret Garden, too much Dickens, and many others of whom I am sure are there, but of whom I have not the knowledge.

But - I could not put the flipping thing down. Better than her last book, yet I am always shocked at what her editors allow.

So what did my first month of vacation look like? London, Paris, Barcelona, four days of curriculum writing, about 5 books, a little bit of knitting, a 50th birthday party, lots of cleaning and washing up, far too many hours on the internet, many walks with the dog, some spinning, a big family picnic, far too many hours on the telephone, Shakespeare in the Park, Dug's Dive, some ice cream, a lot of beer, a birthday tea, letter writing to a friend, and lots of time in the car with the kid who needs a license.

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