Thursday, August 12, 2010


Yes, I finished something this summer! Two somethings that are on my way to my sister's.
These are the best fitting socks I have ever made. And they are not 'normal'. Toe up, reverse heel flap and an 8 stitch gusset. Yes, apparently I have some very odd feet. But they don't gap at the ankles and they are great - and they also fit my sis like a dream so whatever the deal is, it's genetic! The pattern is generic and lord knows what the yarn is - I lost the ball bands in the bag ages ago - some kind of cotton/wool blend.
My sister has also lost 30 pounds so I thought that deserved the summer tank made of Catania (rav link) in a beautiful peachy/salmon color. I would post a photo, but it refuses to play nice on the upload. So both are in the mail and on their way to Delaware.

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