Sunday, May 17, 2009

It Never Gets Old

Last month's book club pick was To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I believe I have read this book over six times and I can honestly say, it never gets old. If you have somehow managed to get through your high school years without cracking this one open, do yourself a favor and hit the library.

I believe I have said that we read for 20 minutes in study hall each morning. Now, I have an very 'interactive' reading style. Just as some of you talk to the television, I talk to the book and apparently my laughter was beginning to annoy the little critters. "What the heck is so funny?" "Good book?" "Why do you keep laughing?" How do you explain the humor of Scout explaining the social hierarchy of the town on her first day of school through one boy's lunch issues? Or the fact that the teacher scolds the poor thing for knowing how to read before she has been 'properly taught'?

So go back and re-read this one. For a change, the required reading list was right!

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Mary Ellen said...

My favorite Harper Lee story was that she told her editor that the manuscript for her second novel was "Stolen in a Break in". Slightly better than the dog ate my homework. We could make a ton of dough by throwing something together and publishing it as the lost manuscript.