Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Day

Today I got to pick the family fun - the joy of being the mommy on this day. My choice was the zoo. Now that may seem an odd choice on an overcast blustery day of 43, but I think I was waxing nostalgic. When the kids were little, Craig and I would take them at least once a month. And lately, I have been missing little people holding my hand.

The zoo is a little gem. The trees were in full bloom.

And I love the buildings! The elephant house dated at 1912, begins the tour with a great sense of history.

This pelican carving is above the door to the current reptile house. I still remember my first trip to this building. We went to the zoo for my first grade field trip and the reticulated python left me terrorized; I had nightmares for over one week!

This shot was taken inside the new M&T Rain Forest exhibit. This was the first time the family had seen this. It really is impressive. I love the monkeys and they were having a grand time playing to the crowd up close and personal. The exhibit also contained some beautiful plantings that provided the perfect backdrop for the colorful birds.

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