Wednesday, January 19, 2005

One More Off My List!

Yes! Yes! Yes! One more off my list. Dare I admit how long this has taken me to finish? I started this when my husband's cousin told me she was pregnant. Little M is now, gulp, 3 years old! This summer I thought it would make the perfect gift for my boss's new daughter, but it seemed like to much trouble to sew on the ties. Oh can you believe it? Please, is there anyone else out there that has the finishing issues I have? I will continue to hold on to this in anticipation of my brother and his wife having a baby. Ok, I admit it. I have trouble letting go.

We have a small knitting circle at my school. There are 3 teachers and on and off around 10 students. And they are not all girls! How cool is that. Anyway, I want to get them off the scarves and swatches and on to hats. Alison at The Blue Blog has the cutest hat pattern that I plan on sharing with the kids. We have tons of worsted weight yarn for them to use.

I also have grand plans to have the school's Councils and Honor Society sponsor a mitten (hat & scarf) tree. When I presented the idea today no one seemed very excited; however, it is the middle of January and I would like them to remember that people are in need 12 months of the year. Somehow all their charity left them after the Salvation Army Food Drive in December. If we could get this off the ground, the knitting circle could really get some "press".

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