Sunday, January 30, 2005

Recycled Eros

All right...things would be great if I had more yarn. I have to knit directly from the old sleeve to the new sleeve. I have about 3" of old to turn into 5" of new. It is not going to work. I love the new color with the Katia Sevilla. I wish my camera could show the depth of colors. I am resigning myself to the idea that this will have to be a vest or a cute little tank. Hmmm...did you see the lightbulb? Debbi, I know that the vest is exactly what you suggested the first time I realized things were wrong. But a tank could be the ticket! I'm thinking high neck with V cut. Sound good?

Good news...the new guage is barely 3 stiches to the inch and without bulk! I am trying to tell myself that this can be salvaged. One way or the other I am shooting for a completion of next weekend. Wish me luck.

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