Friday, January 28, 2005

Yes, This One Counts!

No, I did not just finish this. I have been holding the photo. However, I was able to finish this before my friend's baby arrived. This is a great "baby blankie" size. Encore yarn - babies require wash and wear, double stranded, 13 needles, and a basketweave pattern with a garter stitch border. It has been through the wash and dry cycle to remove any of the stray dog hairs that float through our entire house. Although I did not enjoy knitting this (I hate knitting with Encore and I find blankets/afghans a real bore), I am pleased with the finished project. It was a good thing to drag out when I got cold; I know it will be great for baby!

So since I have been on my mission to finish, I have completed:

  1. Entrelac shawl
  2. Baby Blanket
  3. Baby Kimono
  4. "Harry" from Pipsqueaks

Believe it or not, I am actually beginning to enjoy this getting things done phase. It is certainly making me feel very productive.

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