Sunday, January 30, 2005


Bored? Frustrated? Overwhelmed by choices? I said in an earlier post that I believed I much more enjoyed the process than the end result. Zeneedle was asking the same questions. She is so right...Why do we abandon projects when we feel that they are too "slow" when we know that by its nature, all projects are slow. Like Leigh I too do not enjoy working with anything over 5 stitches to the inch. Bulk is not flattering for some of us -:)

So I continue to plod along. DH and I set off to the LYS to pick out his Tahki Donegal Tweed for a project from the Fall Issue of InterWeave Knits. But, DH did not like the colors at the LYS; so we order. Why not from somewhere else? Because I know I will need help with this one. Zimmerman designed so guess what it has? Did you guess cables? And more cables? You win!

Until color 894 arrives, I will plod along on one of my biggest mistakes. Look up, see that cute little hooded piece? This was started and finished during summer of 2003. And it looked great. I kept ignoring some gauge issues. I was using Eros, two colors stranded. The fabric was truly awesome. But the gauge...I just could not get an accurate measurement. So I "seamed" the shoulders for a quick fit before doing sleeves. Everything was still fine. I finished the sleeves. To the measurements provided, sewed them in, put it on, and SCREAMED. Ok, I just seamed too tightly; I tried again. Loose seams, 3/4 length sleeves? What the heck. And the neck shaping? All wrong. So back to LYS for help. Add more yarn (up to 3 strands...And my daughter thinks I knit to save money), go up to 10.5 needles, and I am trying again.

I have a sinking feeling that I will end up with a bag of useless 20 balls of Eros and 6 more of Katania. Scarves anyone?

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