Tuesday, January 25, 2005

More ticks on My List!

Ok...I have been a very good little knitter for the last week. Son, K's, sweater is on its way to being finished. His sister was coerced, um I mean, offered to model it. Can you tell that it only has one sleeve and side seam sewn? Ha! I did not think so. Also, pay no attention to those holiday candles on the table. I've been too busy knitting to put them away.

Today we had Knitting Circle at school. All in all a successful day! I taught one girl how to use start a hat on circs, another how to purl, and another how to start knitting. My friend who started the group was very generous and bought several pairs of needles to get the girls started; even at one of our local "big box" stores, that gets expensive. I showed her the ones I made when teaching the girl scouts. You know those complicated ones? Cut dowels, use a pencil sharpener to get a point, sand till smooth? Well, S. bought these great hard wood dowels, these needles are awesome! I need to find some really cool beads or something for her ends.

Tomorrow is adult knit night! I'll post some other pictures and hopefully finish the other sleeve and seam.

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