Sunday, January 16, 2005

Green eyes turnin' Blue

No, it was not something I wanted to do. But hopefully it is something that will help me keep my New Year's Resolution: Do not start any NEW projects until all WIPs are completed. So I frogged one project for the third time (three is a charm, right?), gave each its own comfy bag to hang out in, and avoided the temptation to grab the past issues of IK and plan something new.

So now my knitting room is orderly and I am so sad. Why? Because now that I am forcing myself to be a disciplined knitter, it feels like work. Why do I not want to finish? Because I am a perfectionist. Because none of my finished projects can ever live up to my expectations. And if they actually do, and they have been intended as gifts, I actually have a hard time giving them away. Is there a therapist for that?

So, project #1 to get off the needles is an oversized turtleneck pullover for my son. The pattern, Harry, from Pipsqueaks;yarn...the snob in me will not say. Let it suffice to say it is a superwash wool. I dare not insult anyone with my snobbiness. The front and back are finished. I am currently knitting the sleeves at the same time. Yes, it is to gauge, but it is huge! He should be able to wear it for at least two winters! I shall post a photo tomorrow:)

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