Sunday, April 17, 2005

Monday Morning... fast approaching. I had a great weekend, and that is usually why I cannot bear the thought of the work week. I am greedy; I want more fun!

Living in Buffalo you get to count on two things: crappy weather and more live theatre in two square blocks than any place outside of NYC. A little dinner and then A My Name is Alice . But if you check out the link, scroll down...I think I really need to check out Kilt. Here's hoping for a wicked updraft!

Saturday morning E finished a Girl Scout badge by Scouting for Food. This is the first year that we did not have rain/snow/wind/buffalo crappy weather. The sun was shining, no coats and glimmers of very white bare toes in flip flops!

Then off to Chautauqua! Bliss! It was one of the nicest spring days we have had on the lake that I can remember. Hard to believe that just two weeks ago a blizzard dumped 18" of snow and last week there was still ice on the lake. There were quite a few people around for the weekend taking advantage of the early warm up to get a head start on the spring clean up. I got to park my carcass on the deck for about two hours and knit totally undisturbed for over two hours. Then guilt set in and I thought I should clean some of the winter grit and grime off the sun porch. The guys got enough fish for dinner, so everyone except the vegetarian was happy.

But Sunday morning arrived and I had empty refrigerators in two houses! So I decided there was little sense in stocking the one I was closest to as I did not know when we would be back. So hi ho - hi ho- back to Buffalo we go.

Steinmart, Wegmans, (how sad is that? I just linked my grocery store!) and to my parents for dinner. And before you know it...another weekend bites the dust.

But something to look forward to - knitting group at my house tomorrow! Now if only I could post photos, but the ladies are leery of having their faces floating around cyberspace. Maybe I should try project shots instead?

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