Monday, April 18, 2005

So Now I'm Boring?

Ok...I am insulted! My little blog has not taken the world by storm - this I know. But did I need to have it confirmed by Amy Singer, editor of Knittydotcom, that my dwindling daily visits only confirms this? Side note: Was I the only one who said, "What the hell?" when they opened this latest issue? Geez Louise! I have 100 8th graders and children who already know that about me. Is there nowhere to hide.

So, here's the deal. I need to make a decision. Does the blog get written for me? Yes, it is meant for public consumption, but where is my voice? I am trying to pattern myself after the BIG blogs. But as I tell my students, it must be authentic! And I ain't no Harlot...ok maybe, but from a literary level I know there is no comparison. But truthfully, I am not that boring. Consequently, things may start to look a little different around here. If you're out there - consider yourself warned!

So today my copy of InterWeave Knits arrived. I have a dentist appointment in 15 minutes, is there a way to read it while the hygenist works on my teeth? Let's check out the highlights of this issue, shall we? Turn to the add on page 26 (sorry no scanner), and check out the ad. WHAT is on her feet? Is that supposed to distract me from the KNIT bathsuits? OMG

To be continued...

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Liz said...

Who said you were boring? I don't think I read that in the latest issue of (sucky)knitty. Besides, you don't want to be noticed. Trust me. It overwhelms. At least it overwhelms me.