Saturday, July 23, 2005

Boredom Busters

Aren't I clever? See what I can make? Alright, I can see the accomplished spinners out there smiling - remembering the days when they too thought it was nothing short of the miracle of
birth to turn a blob of fibers into yarn. But a question to you spinners: Did you ever wonder if you were actually going to spin something that was worth the time and effort to knit? I am getting a little nervous. My spinning "teacher" only knits up fat singles and that really wasn't what I had in mind. Where can I go for more help and advice?

Last night I finished the scarf. This was made from yarn that I had purchased last year from the Buffalo Knitting Guild's annual auction. It is an acrylic mohair blend that was vacationing in the stash box under the bed just waiting for a reason to go to work. The pattern is from Pam Allen's Scarf Style...short repeat, easy to memorize. I love patterns that are essentially mindless, but still give you a little something to work on.

Daughter A is healing nicely, but still is not moving too far away from the recliner parked in front of the television in my bedroom. While she was taking her morning nap I started on the second "stash" scarf. This one is a double cable on 13s with a tweedy Lopi. Fast, fast, fast.

I think if I can get some quick projects out of the way, I might just get motiviated to finish the larger pieces. You know that you have too many UFOs when someone walks in the den and calls it your "junk room"! Geez, thanks Mom.

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