Wednesday, July 06, 2005

There's No Place Like Home!

One week, 697 miles, and 24 hours in the car later...we are back to the world of grocery shopping, taxi service, laundry duty and blogging!

So where was the Green Eyed Knitter? Clarksville, Tennessee to visit her brother and his lovely family, that's where! And what does a Green Eyed Knitter do in Clarksville, Tennessee you ask?

We celebrate 16 year old Matt's birthday. Or maybe he did more! My nephew is now a licensed driver with his very own "junker". I am so glad that I was able to see the joy on that child's, ahem, young man's face when he realized that little Chevy truck was all his.

We celebrate the Green Eyed Knitter's 46th birthday! Of course that entails a trip to a new (for her) yarn shop. Off to Angel Hair Yarn in Nashville! If you link to the site, please scroll down for some interior pix! I love this shop! It is large and COLORFUL with great selections of goodies. Tons of patterns, a comfy couch, and a great area tucked in a large corner for classes. Sharon from Knitnacks was also in the area, unfortunately, I did not read her blog until I was well into my visit. I would love to have finally met a fellow blogger in person!

So what does a Northern knitter purchase in the South? Why sock yarn of course! And a very neat little book!
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Green Eyed Knitters go to carnivals and fireworks at Fort Campbell, KY with the the family. My brother is a retired BlackHawk pilot. Yeah, I know this is a knitting blog, but I really need to say this. We went to the base twice, once for the carnival and again for the fireworks. Both evenings I was surrounded my these young soldiers. Everywhere I looked, young families...small children, pregnant wives...happy families. These guys are ready to ship out again. Which one of these families is right now experiencing the last Independence Day with their father? Their husband? And for what reason? Sorry, but it really made me so sad. And so grateful that my brother made it safely through two trips to Iraq and will never need to go again. 'Nuff of that!

Did I tell you that I love Southern Living? After a careful study of the best diners in the Nashville area we decided on The Loveless Cafe for some down home cookin'! I love to eat! And this place was no disappointment. Fried okra, greens, bisquits, and pork barbeque! Yummy! Even my picky brother said he would go back. I know I will; just for that piece of coconut creme pie I did not have room to order!

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