Friday, July 08, 2005


My neighbor is from the UK. For several years, she and a group of her friends have met for 'tea'. I remember reading about them in the local paper over 15 years ago thinking it was amazing that a group of women who had never met in their native country should meet in the U.S. and become great friends. (BTW they do not serve watercress and cucumber sandwiches. I was informed that someone had tried to sneak them in, but this group has a definite sweet tooth.)

Each member of the group, save one - the only American- has family members still living in the UK. Ironically, each of them has just returned, is currently visiting, or leaving as soon as tomorrow for London. I thought for sure they would feel the outrage that so many are experiencing. I thought they would be in a panic about traveling. But they're not. They reminded me that acts of terrorism had been a part of the daily routine for them for so many years thanks to the IRA, that they almost expect such events. Rather than the acts of violence, they focused on how efficiently the authorities had sealed off the areas and how quickly emergency personnel had responded.

It was not the reaction I had expected. But it made me thankful again, that acts of terrorism are not part of my children's daily routine and that I do not accept such chaos as inevitable.

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