Sunday, July 24, 2005

It's a Secret

As my little peanut mends, I have been watching a bit more television. OK, that is not the secret. Ever watch the Food Network? Ever see this guy?

Let us list his assests:

  • He is drop dead gorgeous
  • Handsome
  • Articulate
  • He cooks
  • Unbelievabley good looking

Moving on...where is the rain? Are your lawns also like straw? Do you refuse to water because to do so is "just plain wrong"? My husband is a better person! I admit that a green backyard is a waste of water, but can my suburban front yard be green? Purely psychological, I know, it just makes me feel cooler.

Time for grocery shopping early this week. In honor of Liz and the Eat Local Challenge, I will be heading to the smaller local stand (I cannot go to the larger because they grow none of it but want you to think they do)and see what is available. I also vow that whatever is available in bulk will be processed for winter consumption! Oh. That means I need to defrost the nasty freezer in the basement. Oh yeah...

Last Monday I picked 4! Count 'em, 4 two pound coffee cans of blueberries at my parents'. I turned 8 cups into preserves. My first time for that; much nicer than jam in my book because it uses a lot less sugar and the flavor is so intense. I dried about another 4 cups. Whatever this variety is, they have always been a little tart. Not really pleasing when biting into a muffin. After an overnight in the dehydrator, they had just the right amount of sweetness. Those were turned into two batches of scones. Yummy!

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